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Our new MLS statistical program. This is a great real time statistical product that is available to our MLS members. If you would like to see how Trenlii works go to, scroll to the bottom of the web page, under Education,

you will see 3 videos you can watch on how Trenlii works. In order to use Trenlii you will need to register with Trenlii first - Click Here For Instructions On How To Register With Trenlii.

Agent Inbox 

A messaging system within the MLS. You can also setup showings and create showing routes through Agent Inbox. 

Click Here To Go To The Agent Inbox University-how to effectively use Agent Inbox.

MLS Touch App

* New feature added; "The Facebook Publishing Tool". You can now post your new listings, price reductions, Open Houses and Solds on your Facebook business page automatically! When you are in the MLS Touch app, go to the "More" menu of your application and you will see the Facebook Publishing Tool. You can deactivate the Facebook Publishing Tool at any time by pressing the Gear icon found in the top-right corner followed by the Disconnect button

You can find Trenlii and Agent Inbox on the MLS homepage under the Single Sign-On links module.  I will be scheduling Trenlii live webinars in November.  Look for those emails in November.

Rapattoni Enhancements:

*Interactive Map Search

  - easy to use

  - new features..example-under Layers; Hazards - Known Faults-USGS and FEMA Flood Data. Under Administrative you can see publilc lands, zoning, building footprints and subdivisions.

*Open House Search; now a map search.

*Client Portal Enhancement; cleaner look, added client portal activity-you can see how many times your client has viewed a listing.

Click Here To Watch The New Client Portal Video

*IDX setup; Click Here To Watch The IDX Video