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Membership & Office Coordinator
The Membership & Office Coordinator is the information hub of the Board office, and is typically the first point of contact for members to calls or come into to the board office. In this position, you would address membership’s questions and needs, personally when possible or by connecting them with the staff person who can assist. This position will also keep members apprised of, and using their membership benefits.
The Membership & Office Coordinator is responsible for administrative functions relating to new and current members, from welcoming new members, to making account profile changes for existing members, and also provides monthly and annual reporting on overall membership levels. This position also handles accounts payable and receivable, which includes invoicing of fees and dues, and assisting members with billing questions.
The Membership & Office Coordinator is also responsible for the management and upkeep of the Board offices, ensuring VBR is always welcoming place for members to visit, and always in excellent condition.

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Phone: 970-766-1028

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