REALFire® was created as a voluntary program to help residents identify wildfire vulnerabilities on their home and property. The program was piloted in 2014 by Eagle County, CO and the Vail Board of REALTORS®, with the support of local fire protection districts and homeowner associations. Community Wildfire Planning Center (CPWC) now administers the program to ensure a long-term approach to its success. To date, the program has assessed hundreds of housing units and provides a certificate of recognition to property owners who accomplish all mitigation actions. The program builds on the Wildfire Partners program established in Boulder County, CO.

About CWPC

The Community Wildfire Planning Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping communities prepare for, adapt to, and recover from wildfires. CWPC was formed in 2017 and works with communities across the United States and elsewhere.

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We believe in empowering people through wildfire education and action. We support local governments, fire departments, land managers, and residents to create safe and vibrant places. We inspire change by facilitating positive outcomes. Let us explore ways to share our fire, planning, forestry, and program development expertise with you.

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