Broadcast Email Instructions: 

The Broadcast email allows you to send message to VBR members in specific categories. Once you are a member you can sign up by logging into the website and going to "members home" and selecting broadcast email. 


Tech Helpline

Are you having computer problems? This free benefit allows you to call and get the technical assistance you need on your computer.

Call 866.619.8170 and give them your member number and they will help you.


Interactive Payment Calculators in your VMLS Listings

Provide your buyers with real-time mortgage product and affordability information for each property you send them through the MLS system and RatePlug. Stop deals from falling through and turn passive buyers into active buyers.

• Keep buyers on listings longer - play financial “what-if” scenarios with lending data
• Peace of mind for lenders - compliant with everything (TRID, FTC-MAP, RESPA-TILA, etc).
• Displays only your trusted lending sources.

Custom Real Estate Property Flyers

Included at no-extra cost. Now when you list a new property in VMLS, your lending partner has the ability to create co-branded professional real estate flyers to support your open houses and other co-marketing activities.

There are multiple compliant co-marketing flyer templates available.


CLICK HERE to enroll.

 Forewarn Launch

The Vail MLS is thrilled to announce a FREE PROACTIVE SAFETY AND LEAD INTELLIGENCE service for all VMLS members!

Quickly becoming the industry standard for safety and prospect intelligence, FOREWARN is a revolutionary application that allows agents to have instant due diligence on prospects. In seconds, with as little information as a phone number or name, VMLS members can verify a prospect’s identity, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, address history and property records all in one place, leading to safer and more productive interactions.

This is not only critical for your personal safety and efficiency but also a benefit to your listing homeowners, providing an added layer of protection for their homes and families through your vetting of prospective buyers.

For more information about setting up your account click here